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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Hotspots and bad air - is the Department of Environment (DOE) reading my blog?

The Star and the New Straits Times publish articles today about the deteriorating air quality, two days after I wrote about the haze in KL ( It is now acknowledged that the air quality gets bad, and that elderly people, and those with asthma should stay at home. Commuters are advised to wear masks.

Well, while it sounds arrogant to say they publish something and come out with statements AFTTER reading the blog - that my blog has such influence- , this clearly is the possible strength of blogs - the early publishing and description of statements and situations, to initiate a discussion and to open up channels of communications between those writing blogs, and those reading and commenting on blogs. It is an ongoing learning process, isn't it? Books, TV and newspapers are closed-end stories - basically. Stories are written and published - no constant ongoing discussion. There are efforts to change it, of course - Look at American Idol and the trial to reach out to the public and create customer experiences, and participation. Or the open discussion forums following TV documentaries, but still - blogs are lively, and they can change the world. By simply publishing and describing facts. What do you think?


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