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Sunday, June 15, 2003

Operational Efficiency?

Yesterday evening, I went to a restaurant in KL, a great place with a theme. Like marine and beach, showed everything in blue, and a motorboat. Other sections of the restaurant where build up like tree house, or like a Japanese restaurant. Quite a huge and widely different place from what you see normally in this town. Everything was okay, besides the waiters and waitresses. Boooorrring and absulutely not trained. No smile, no wow. Service just so so. I bumbed into one, while going away, and he didn't even apologise. What theme is this? What a waste of money. You got a great place, invest a lot, attract the people, but then, your people working for you are not up to speed. sad. It will fail, the moment there is competition who put their people into place. Lucky only, that this is difficult in Malaysia, a beautiful country, where service orientation is so badly missing!


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