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Friday, April 16, 2004

Great Security Guard at Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel

I would like to share a story with you that happened to me last Saturday in the parking lot at Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel. It is a good story, in fact a fantastic story, so read on!

I had an appointment last weekend, Saturday, and was running late, as I was in my kid's school in Kota Damansara for a presentation. The meeting was in Sunway Shopping Mall, meeting point Starbucks. The only parking lot I know around the area is the Sunway hotel, and while I know there must be a way to the parking lot in the shopping mall, I parked in the hotel, as I didnt want to risk going wrong.

I also parked straight away after the entry barrier where you get the ticket. The parking lot is quite big, so I was not sure, how to walk to the mall. I saw a signboard to the shopping mall and went into the direction which would lead to an elevator. A security guard, who was earlier talking to his colleague, followed me quickly, and told me that the elevator is broken - I should use another one, but he first asked me, where I want to go to. I asked him for the fastest way to the shopping mall, and he smile and said, that this is the wrong way, but he would show me.

He went across the parking lot with me and up the road where cars enter the parking lot to bring me me to the door that brings you into the hall, where there is the aisle to the shopping mall (my apologies for the complicated description). Always smiling, and talking in some broken English. Very friendly in an environment, which is not necessarily nice - in a parking lot, it is humid, polluted and stuffy. While still being in the parking mall, he made his colleague he talked to earlier aware of a car that had some problems getting into a parking space, and asked him to assist there.

This is a fantastic attitude of the security guard, and very motivating. This is going beyond the requirements. It is a pity that I didn't get his name, otherwise, I would recommend him to his HR. However, I send a mail to the HR person I know in Sunway and may be she can identify him.


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