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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Follow up to my recent posting - Bad air in Kuala Lumpur

Folks, my last entry about the haze in Kuala Lumpur was a bit of a parody but may be I also positioned it way too serious. Nevermind, it is great that it initiated some form of discussion.

I believe that a discussion about pollution in Kuala Lumpur is important and I would be honoured if the Department of Environment or anybody from the Government is reading my blog or any blog, but I am also clear that they don't need to read blogs to find out there is haze - their equipment should be able to handle this much better.

And I wasn't seriously thinking that they read my blog and say, oops, someone is writing about haze, let's publish some results and advise the population to stay inside. I wanted to write the entry in the current form to show the importance of bloggers, but must have hidden the objective too much :)

I there want to repeat that the great thing about blogs is that blogs can report about something before official bodies react to it - and that is what all the blogging is about. Private observations, comments, and reporting - may be in an obscure blog, may be elsewhere.

Have a great day and keep up commenting!


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