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Thursday, July 08, 2004

MPH - This is actually great service

Well, once again, interest in books brought me to MPH in Megamall. I spend way too much money on books, and well, I am probably a book collector - there are about 10 books waiting for me. The new one that I wanted was Seth Godin's new one - "Free Price Inside". I tried to find it earlier, but couldn't get it in neither MPH, nor Kinokunia or Times Bookshop.

So I thought I am sending a mail to my contact - the one that developed when I had to "complain about something". She replied immediately and reserved the book for me as well.

This was already great. My wife was also buying a book (infected by me??). I was going out of the store already, when I saw that a younger employee ran after one lady, with a book in his hand. He caught up with her about 20 meters away from the store - okay, you could say that this should be normal.

But wouldn't be the normal reaction of a store to say, oh well, she will come back, once she realises that the book is missing. And than, they would put the book below the counter with a note. Which one do you think, is actually more likely in a normal shop setting - employee running behind the customer or to keep the purchase at the counter and wait for the customer the return?


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