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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

This time next year, let's be laughing together - the most powerful pick-up line

In Japan, a panel has come up with the best pick-up or chat-up line - for guys of course (the New Straits Times (Malaysia) reports today).

It apparently draws on the incredible potency of three powerful word triggers, that work on the subconscious level:

First advantage: The right choice of words:
  • This time next year: Sends the sign that the chatter is interested in more than just a short term fling
  • Together: It suggests that even after a year of dating, the fun is still there
  • Laughing: Softens the whole phrase, implies mutual happiness

The second advantage:

  • The lack of sleaziness in the sentence

Makes me think - all the work that all those guys do in the gym center to build up muscles. All the reading that we do to sound somewhat clever in the eyes of girls and women, all the manners that we try to exhibit in our oh so gentle approaches, all the different dances that guys try to impress girls on the dancing floor, and all the hairgel put into hair to look attractive - what does this count for?

All that it boils down to is some sentence like this (May be it only works in Japan!)? What pickup lines do you or did you use most successfully? Or, to turn it around - how would girls react to pick-up lines, this one or others? In the end, may be it boils down to the right message at the right time to the right "audience" - communication is everything.


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