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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Amazon lets customers post photos

Amazon gets it. I loved the company from the very beginning. They do marketing the quiet way - they don't ask you to fill out long registration forms when you sign up. They only want your e-mail address. They learn when you are with them, when you order. When you order, they inform you in a personalised e-mail that your order has been received, and send off. Personalised means, not just sending an e-mail that says, "Dear Sir" - but addressing you with name.

When I once didn't receive my package in the promised time, they apologised profoundly, and made no fuss in sending a new one. No questions asked. They only asked to send back one of the packages in case I would receive the original one.

I once informed them that a transport to Malaysia would take longer than advertised in their webpage, and they thanked me, and said they would track the incidence and change the numbers on their webpage, when required. They actually changed it !!

Amazon doesn't advertise anymore. They did a study comparing the effect of advertising on sale in one city where they advertised compared to a city, where no advertising took place. Since advertising didn't generate much more than a little pop, Jeff Bezos, their CEO said that advertising will be stopped, and that they rather reduce the prices of their products. He believes in Word of Mouth Marketing. Have a great experience and you will talk about it. I wrote about it when I described my experience with Cha Cha the Clown in Malaysia.

There are lots of groups commenting on books - community building, and reaching out to their customers. People love it and it actually helps people to decide for one book over another.

Amazon let website visitors look inside the books - to provide them with the experience that book buyers want - read a bit here and there in a book, before you buy a book. Authors, initially, protested, but their sales didn't go down.

They now have a search engine that allows a user to keep track of their search history.

Now, has quietly introduced a new feature on its Web store that lets customers post photos alongside product reviews - its latest effort to build a sense of community among customers. CNet writes "the idea is to let customers highlight specific attributes of a product, such as size, and show the product in action.

Amazon's move underscores an online trend--the blurring of e-commerce and personal media such as Web logs and social networking sites like Friendster."

If you want to know how to build a business, grow a business and entice customers to say WoW, study Amazon. I will be a raving fan of your business.


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