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Thursday, June 19, 2003

Great Experiences

Had a recent great experience during an interview. I like it when people are passionate about what they do. When it shows that they do care what they do, they are involved and greatly engaged, to speak HR language.

I had such an incidence two days ago. I am preparing a newsletter for my little department in the company I am working for and plan to include interviews with people that are simply WoW. And to interview them about their work, but also consider their lifes, what drives them, and to capture some of their attitudes. The guy I interviewed was just great. Cannot mention the name here - but we had lots of laughters. When I asked him, what was the most exciting moment in his current job, he responded the first 6 months - and he is with his company only since 6 months. Everything wows him, from morning to evening, how determined the people that work there are and how much they do to delight customers. And his most frustrating moment? That the day is not long enough and the eyeball power not strong enough - he gets tired. What a guy.

We ate at one of the restaurants in the PanPacific Hotel at the airport. When I and my coworker arrived, our intervieweed hadn't arrived. And the waiter waiting to seat us knew, that no personnel of the interviewee's company had yet arrived. Amazing. Later, I called on one for the order. I wanted to order. While the girl was on her way to do something else, she stopped doing this - internal - work first, to attend to us. It showed me that the restaurant cared for their guests. good job.

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Operational Efficiency?

Yesterday evening, I went to a restaurant in KL, a great place with a theme. Like marine and beach, showed everything in blue, and a motorboat. Other sections of the restaurant where build up like tree house, or like a Japanese restaurant. Quite a huge and widely different place from what you see normally in this town. Everything was okay, besides the waiters and waitresses. Boooorrring and absulutely not trained. No smile, no wow. Service just so so. I bumbed into one, while going away, and he didn't even apologise. What theme is this? What a waste of money. You got a great place, invest a lot, attract the people, but then, your people working for you are not up to speed. sad. It will fail, the moment there is competition who put their people into place. Lucky only, that this is difficult in Malaysia, a beautiful country, where service orientation is so badly missing!

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

My apologies

I found some of the things that I mocked on yesterday - hehe. Time setting is changed etc. Apologies to the Blogger team, but then, it was a bit hidden


The Greatest Hits Ever

Just read in a Yahoo article that has published the greatest hits of the past 25 years. Looking at it, I can only find one song from Queen, that they published together with David Bowie - Under Pressure. Where is Bohemian Rhapsody, for example? This was voted the best song ever, somewhere else, and it still is the best song. May be I am just outdated, lol.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Like: How do I change something in the main settig of my blogger? May be I am dumb, but hey - we are living in a customer-centric world. Nothing should be too difficult, especially for those who do something for the first time. I found a mistake in my side description for blogger, and wanted to change it - still looking, but too tired.

Also, wanted to change the time to my time - Malaysian time. Couldn't find - is it existing?

Well, let's see if the blogger people are clever, lol - and actually read some of that staff. would be great if they would contact me. Now that would be New Economy!!


Done it - No more procrastination

Hey - I have done it - I am online. In blogger. Got this a long time already, but never did something with it. Wanted to do something, and, well, on my PDA, things are sometimes a bit difficult to edit. Here it will be easier. Hehe, at least I hope!!


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