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Monday, July 21, 2003

So many disappointing events

I come to realise that I describe more disappointing experiences than positive ones. But the situation is like this. I breathe experiences, and constantly observe. I don’t wear a black hat, as Edward de Bono would say, to just collect negative ones. No, on the contrary – I am always looking forward to experience great customer service. But it is the small things that keep creeping up, and that show how people are treated.
Yesterday, I went to Tesco in Damansara. Actually, my family and I planned to look for houses or apartments in the area, but since Tesco was around and we were hungry, we stopped by, to eat. My kid wanted a small trolley so that he could push it and help. My wife saw the manager and asked where she could find one. He helped, and asked someone else, immediately. This someone else passed the request on to a salesgirl that walked by. She took off to look for such a small trolley. The other two guys also disappeared, telling us, to wait, since the girl would come back. My wife took off as well, since she didn’t believe that the girl would return – how true. I would still wait for the trolley, I believe. Sad, isn’t it?
But hey, there is a positive one – the firm I am working with, organises a regional study, which involves a lot of involvement from participating companies. We then follow-up by presenting the individual results to the companies’ senior management team. Well, the CEO of one the companies followed up with a very nice letter, thanking and saying, that he would like to meet up to establish some mutually beneficial relation. I replied by e-mail – okay, a letter would have been better – thanking him as well, and proposed to meet towards the end of this week. He might be a busy person, to reply to this e-mail, so I will follow up with another e-mail this Wednesday.


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