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Friday, July 18, 2003

They came back

Okay, the school I just talked about, came back with an apology. They said that usually, kids would receive a letter for the parents about 2 weeks before an event - problem is, my kid is enrolled and not yet attending to the school. - and that the e-mail in discussion was meant as a reminder They also stated that they had problems with the server connection and were only able after numerous attempts to send the mail. Lastly they stated that a further delay could have been caused due to the recipient's mail server, where their mail might have got stuck.

Anyway, I proposed to them to e-mail earlier in conjunction with a letter so that parents, whose kids are not yet attending to the school would also get notified.

It was nice of them to come back - also, I have to say, a bit too late - three days is a long time to increase the discomfort of anyone disgruntled. How many rumours could have been spread until the apology has reached me? And, hey, we live in the electronic age. At least an early notification would have been great together with a message that they look into the details! Anyway - Thank you very much in the first place!!


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