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Monday, April 26, 2004

HSBC's credit card

Not sure if I am always happy about it, or will remain happy. The funny thing is that everytime I do a purchase with my HSBC MasterCard, about 2 minutes later, their creditcard center calls me up to confirm the purchase. This can be a smaller purchase, or a bigger one. No fail. Do I feel observed? This is the question, but I think it is okay. There are too many frauds ongoing, so I feel kind of protected with it.

Just this morning, I received one of those e-mails claiming to come from Citibank. While the mail itself contained mistakes and other formatting errors and thus revealed its intention, the link provided looked exactly like the one for Citibank - everything was there. The mail asks its readers to verify and update their account. I took the logical action, namely forwarding it to Citibank's fraud center. But this story underlines that I feel better with HSBC controlling my every purchase with a credicard.


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