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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Sale in Jaya Jusco

I am not sure if it just me, or if anyone else feels the same, but somehow, the sales assistants and cashier. There is no smile on their faces, and I have the feeling that they are reacting somewhat disturbed the moment you asked them something. I went in there today to buy some clothes for a function tonight and went from booth to booth - Durban, Crocodile, and the other one next to it. In one booth clothes that were clearly different were hanging in a row, but my size wasn't there for the colour I wanted. So my wife ask the one sales assistant doing some paper work on the shelve next to where we stood. She stood up, and said, that all the clothes there would be the same in a tone that indicated, that I was too choosey. But clearly, the material wasn't the same - well, I choose to go to another shop - Metrojaya, since all the other booths didn't have the style I wanted. I bought my cloth there - it is somewhat a lesson on how not to make a sale. It reminds me of my experience on April 3, 2004, when something similar happened (

What I also thought is strange is that despite having a sale, the number of open cashiers were just a few - with long queues waiting to pay.

Anybody has got a similar experience?

But it appears there is no big demand for good service in Malaysia, is there? Yesterday evening, when I went home from the office and had to pass Megamall, there was a huge jam around it - may be it was because of a Friday evening, but may be it was, because there was a sale in Jaya Jusco for membership cardholders - but in fact, it appeared to me that the whole of Malaysia was there. Now, one can say that Jusco appears to do something right, if so many people are coming, but then, to sell products is just an entry ticket to the world of retail, isn't it? It is expected to be able to buy good products in a shop, accompanied by the occasional sale. But what is it that makes a company great? Surely some great sales assistant, some more open cashiers would be a good start. What about a smile, and more assistance? Well, my experience level would certainly increase. And those are just the simple steps, right?


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