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Friday, September 10, 2004

Spam - Or, we live in reverse mode

I don’t know what is happening, but I liked (see the past tense) Yahoo account. My account name is fitting to my perspective of life, and, of course, to the name of my “beloved” Blog.

I liked Yahoo even more when they increased their storage capacity, and it somewhat becomes my main email address – I have a couple in Gmail, and in Hotmail as well.
In addition to this, they said that they don’t count spam towards the total quota – which is enticing customers to stay with Yahoo in this age of spam. Somehow, I was always lucky that I didn’t get too much spam, but since publish more frequently, spam is also increasing.
Lately, I constantly get something from a nerd called Jjohnrose, clearly spam.

What was annoying is that some of the news I subscribe to was labeled Spam – since I know this, I am checking my spam folder as well. When it happens, I politely click the button on top that says – No Spam – and Yahoo’s responding webpage, as nice as it is, always says, “Thank you – blabla - don’t know the rest anymore, but that my action would help them to make their spam filter more efficient.”

Now, something dramatic is happening – since two days or so, my favourite blogging and e-mail partner from is labeled spam by Yahoo. So how? I already clicked the “No Spam” button – I believe she is human (hey, I am kidding), so how can the machines label her differently. Today, Spam was in my “normal” inbox, instead of where it belongs – the spam box. We live in reverse mode, it seems.


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