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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Adsense by Google

I now have advertisement on my blog and I am not sure if I am feeling 100% okay with it. Google invited me to join their program. This means that in typical Google style, they will place ads on my blog in conjunction with what I write. If I want, I can exclude certain companies from doing so. I want my blog to stay independent. What means that I want to criticise a company in whatever way I want. Or praise a company in whatever way I want. But it might look like as if I exclude companies that unintentionally have their ad on my blog. So this gives me the headache.

Hey – I got it. I can turn the story around, and actually sometimes write about the companies that have their ads on my blog. Stories that I know. Are they good or “bad” companies. Yeah – this is one solution. And now I have shown to myself that writing a blog, jutting down the notes is a way to solve a problem.


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