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Saturday, July 26, 2003

My Gym Center - Fitness First

A longer story about my gym center – and something that I meant to write for a long time. I joined the gym center back in Sept. 2001, which means, I am active since nearly 2 years (wow). The center is expanding rapidly throughout Malaysia. Starting with two outlets in Kuala Lumpur back in 2001, they now have, I think, 3 or 4 in Kuala Lumpur, one in Subang Jaya – a city close to Kuala Lumpur - and now, expansion started in Penang, which is a State further up the North.

The trainers and personnel are nice. Young, dynamic, and some of them are full of passion when they conduct their aerobic classes. However, they are not too friendly, all the time, or trained to delight their customers. Meaning, if you get to know them, they are friendly, but it happens that they walk passed me without even a nod. And they do know me, what I find out from casual conversations with them – after I start to talk to them. Which actually is bad. I mean, okay, I don’t have a personal trainer, which is a value add provided by the gym, for additional payments. Still!

My company now supports employees that would like to join the center. I was asked by our HR person to inquire about promotions etc. The customer service attendant was first astonished that I would ask, since she knows that I am a member already. She understood after I explained the reason for my inquiry about promotions. She than scribbled a list and said, she would e-mail me something to my account. We even joked about my comment that I would now be inundated by their offers. I am actually still waiting for the material – since two weeks now. And since I inquired, I went a couple of times to work out already. Does anyone believe that she actually walks past me and looks to the other direction? I look at her, to say hello. And I, honestly, don’t believe, I am that bad, or scary looking :):). Makes you think, right? People from my office now signed up already. While signing up, they were not even told about the promotion! As the customer service attendants are probably earn a commission, and of course, the promotion makes any package cheaper compared to a normal sign-up. That is bad!! Comments as usual to


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