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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

SARS is back

SARS, the virus that caused havoc last year, is back in China. It started after a researcher at China’s top laboratory contracted SARS, the severe acute respiratory syndrome, and infected a nurse who took care of her at a Beijing hospital. The respiratory ward at the hospital has also been closed, according to ChannelNewsAsia. (

The researcher's mother has since died, while the nurse's relatives and contacts have also gone down with symptoms of the disease.

So far there are six suspected and two confirmed cases, while 337 people have been isolated in Beijing and 133 in Anhui province.

Malaysia is starting to take measures as well, by scanning the temperature of visitors coming from China. I believe there are more countries that step up efforts to contain the virus. There was fear in the end of last year, when many believed that the virus would reemerge during the winter season, and that its appearance would go under amongst all the “normal” flu symptoms. Nothing happened, and a big relief set in across the region. Now it is back, and while the region is definitely better prepared this time, I hope that there no major outbreak is coming and that China gets it under control as well.

I, for one, am a bit worried – and will follow the news very closely. Are you worried? Did you change your hygienic behaviour?


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