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Friday, July 16, 2004

Faber Group - update and a question

I sent an e-mail to Faber Group yesterday evening, regarding the new fee to enter this small road in Taman Desa.

The mails, sent to the e-mail addresses and I found both on their webpage, but both came back as undeliverable. Which actually shows that their thinking is separate from those they want to reach - another sign of company oriented thinking.

Does anyone have any other e-mail address to whom to send my mail? Please send it to my e-mail address (can be found at the side of this blog), or post a comment -Thanks.

I also have an update on the situation overall. Apparently, the shoplot owners didn't pay for their utilities (electricity, water and others) for a long time, so Faber Group might think that this is an appropriate way to get some money back. However, there are also people living there - so where to those park? And others, who might have paid for the fees - why punish those?

I don't have the answers.


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