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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Overworked and simply tired

Companies need to restructure. I understand this. They need to do this to maintain their competitive edge and to be able to react fast to changes in the market place.

What I don’t understand and what research has shown over and over again, that in order to do so, companies shouldn’t step over their people. Okay, many or most nowadays say that people are their main assets, but is this true?

We are downsized, rightsized, outsourced not very trust encouraging, but okay. But what is needed are people at the workplace that are fresh and able to laugh – at least from time to time.
Never trust a workplace that is quiet. People that are able to have a family life. People, who are able to multitask but for sure not overtasked.

How can they relax over night and find the energy to get going the next day? How are they able to brainstorm in an office, when their brains are tired, and the energy level is so low?

How are they able to share knowledge, when they have no time to talk since they work all the time?

How are they able to contribute to competitiveness, if their tired brains makes mistakes and it takes time, cost and more energy to identify and correct the mistakes?

How can they identify competitive threats in the marketplace and listen to the noises from companies, newspapers, friends, relatives, clients, if they are not even able to lift their head from the monitor, since the workload keeps increasing.

How can they serve a client better, or delight a customer, if they need to go back to their work, their ever growing list of unread mails in their inbox?

I needed to say this since I am so tired, exhaustive, braindead, overworked, and overtasked myself with deep rings under my eyes - am I the only one who feels like this?

Now, let’s go back to work, after I could let this out – where is the WoW?


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