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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

What bedvils Malaysia

There is so much garbage everywhere. And people just throw their garbage anywhere, without consideration. So often do I see people just opening their car door or window and out flies the cigarette packages, butts, or more like plastic bottles.

Last Sunday, I saw someone at the fuel station, just throwing his stuff. And I still bite my "backsite" that I didn't go to the driver and said, "Excuse me, I think you just lost something".

Malaysia is so beautiful, still, but boy, this lack of conscious environmental mindset destroys her future. When I talk to some of the younger executives in our office, they see the point, and are angry about it as well. Is it just the older generation, or a lack of education?

Or a lack in the number of garbage bins that are available? I mean, look, even if I want to throw something away at the right place, there is hardly something around where I can put that stuff. I have to keep it. In contrast to Germany, where one finds a garbage bin every 200 meters or so. And people are frowned upon, if they throw something away - I mean, really really frowned upon.

But then, I also saw someone in Malaysia throwing something on the ground between two garbage bins and both were separated by two meters. Or the families who go for a picnic somewhere and just drop their stuff, where ever they are. Before they leave, they have surrounded themselves with garbage - but wouldn't even think to take back their rubbish. Upsetting!!

Another problem - the lack of suitable garbage trucks, or their schedule. I don't know what the schedule is like in Malaysia, but it doesn't seem to be pretty regular or frequent.

One problem is of course the amount of plastic bags and containers for the food. Just look around at lunch time - it is a huge business for those selling the plastic bags. There is no sharing amongst customers coming from the same office. How easy would it be to just put two containers in one plastic bag, if you go with your colleague or friend?

At lunch time, you find red plastic bags, and on the Pasar Malams, there are the black ones. And it piles up and up and up. This, I believe, is not good for the country, and her future.


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