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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Customer Centric versus Company-Centric or Outside-In versus Inside-Out

It is my favourite topic and one that I am going to speak about soon. Outside-in means to me that the company that I am dealing with really sees me in the center of attention.

Customer-centric: I want to buy something from them, and the purchasing is made easy. The company tries to help me in making my choices. Products or services are recommended, but I don’t have the feeling that stuff is pushed to me. I am respected. The sales personnel I attentive and knows what they are talking about. They smile and advise. They are professional in their dealings with customers and it is fun coming back to their shop or to do business with them.

Company-centric: Inside-out are initiated by companies that only see their own need first. They have their processes and I have to follow them. I have long waits on the phone line, when I call them and I am transferred from place to place. They tell me that they are not responsible and I need to call another number. I have the feeling that I am a disturbance. Sales assistance is spotty, and assistants are totally untrained. They don’t know what they are talking about.

I believe there is more to say – way more. It is difficult to find good companies in Malaysia. When was the last time that I had the feeling a company really, fully understood me and my motivations? That rocked me when I entered the shop and where I regretted leaving? That gave me the WoW feeling? Hm – I can’t remember. And all of this after years and years of market research, customer relationship software, training of employees. Umph


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