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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Marketing lessons from Cha Cha Clown

Well, once again, my kid was invited to a birthday party last Sunday and once again did I have the pleasure of Cha Cha Clown - or, as he is called in his real life, Mike. The last time I saw him was mid-September and I actually wanted to "hire him" for my own kid's party. Than, he wasn't available.

Was does this mean? Well, he is busy, and he is in demand. I heard one has to book him 2 months ahead. So while his program didn't change over the last couple of weeks - how often is a clown changing his "inventory"? - the kids enjoy him.

He is able to control a larger or a smaller bunch of kids, and that is not always easy, I tell you. He doesn't lose his patience, but engages the kids in a great way. This is not always easy with kids that are young and tend to get on the row once they are amongst friends. But he talks to them, plays with them, engages them in games, and magic show. It is wonderful to see kids sitting quietly at the right time, and mesmerised look at him and his show.

He doesn't denigrate the kids or the parents in his jokes or when he involves them in his show. I have seen it with other clowns whose jokes were hurtful to parents or children. Parents may realise this, and that is why they recommend Cha Cha to the next parent.

It is Word-of-Mouth advertising, since Cha Cha will probably not be able or even willing to advertise in the newspapers, radio or television. And it shows that a great reputation can lead to success in the marketplace. doesn't advertise anymore as well, since they found out by testing, that advertising didn't bump up sales. So Jeff Bezos said that they rather reduce prices of goods than advertise their company. Well, Cha Cha takes the opportunity to "pose" when he see a camera - he actually stopped a second or so when he saw my camera, to give me a good shot. He knows that I will talk about him, and he didn't mind that I will write about him and also that I forwarded the picture to He gave me his business card before I told him that I write something about him. He didn't ask me for mine - so naturally, I won't here from him. He knows I will contact him or at least consider him, when I need "his service". As a corporate lesson - there is no direct marketing, he won't call me up to sell his services, and I am not endangered that he sells my personal details to another institution.

So these are some of the management and marketing lessons that I learnt last Sunday from Cha Cha Clown. And, yeah, I would recommend him to others. Follow the link above to get to his contact points


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