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Friday, October 22, 2004

Words can make a difference

Words can make a difference. What sounds better? I was greatly satisfied with my food in this restaurant. Yawn. I would rather say, WoW, the food and the service blows me away. May be it is semantic, but it changes the whole thing, I believe.

That is why we also set BHAG – Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Nothing small. I want to grow my business by 2 percent next year. Yuks. "I want to double the size of my business". May be too ambitious now, but you get the message.

Sony is launching a Playstation Portable in Japan, in the end of the year. Their main competitor? Nintendo's Game Boy and its souped-up successor Game Boy Advance that already sold almost 120 million units worldwide and is in the market for more than a decade.

Ken Kutaragi, head of the Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) division and best-known as the father of the PlayStation is quoted by Newsweek (Oct. 25, 2004) as saying:

“I have music, I have pictures, I 'd have games but I have no time. I set up a nice home theater in my house, but I cannot watch. Many times I would take United Airlines, Singapore Airlines, but their movies are very shabby. Game Boy is nice, but it's only for kids playing games. This [he holds up a phone] is still improving, but for watching a movie or playing a game, it's not the best solution. So we introduced this product to change the world."

Listen to those words – Change the World. Blows me away. Can’t wait to see that thing. Wanna have it now.

CEO Nobuyuki Idei says that "The PSP is an integration of the whole technology accumulated at Sony," says Idei. "[It can process] anything that crosses your brain cells." Another mindblowing statement - fantastic!

Sure, Sony’s Playstation Portable apparently has problems with battery life, and software title. Sure, this destroys the value chain – I understand. But those words, sentences show ambition, readiness to take on the world, energise, greatly expand the universe.

On the other hand, what is their main competitor, Nintendo saying about their own new product, the Nintendo DS? (that, by the way, will appeal to the same audience)

Their president Satoru Itawa says that "We try to appeal to everybody regardless of their age, sex or game-playing experience."

What is your opinion? Am I exaggerating? Are words important for companies in today's highly competitive world?


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