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Saturday, October 09, 2004

I am lost - no title for this story

I have no idea what I am thinking of this event. So may be you can help me.

A while ago, my wife and I participated in this great seminar on Neural Linguistic Programming or NLP. basically, it is about how to communicate better with people, create common bonds and avoid aliniating your conversation partner. In addition to the ability to visualise and imagine to achieve your goals. It was fantastic, but this is only the introduction to this story.

I so happens that if one is going to a seminar, the learnings are quickly forgotten. One way out of it is to follow up with your course participants. Since this course was well organised and pretty personal, we developed the ties, and there was a first meeting. We agreed to meet again. It was my turn to organise the next meeting - which was supposed to take place today (but this is not the reason why I stayed at home alone).

Now it didn't take place, because all those invited cancelled. The last one cancelled today. She is a nice woman, friendly, working in insurance. She SMS-ed me saying, "sorry, I cannot make it today." So, a minute or two later (I had my breakfast, so I wanted to sip my coffee deciding on the right course of action), it sms-ed back -"is okay, thanks for informing". I thought that is it. Now comes what I don't really understand. She immediately texted back "sorry - who is this? Please identify yourself". Okay - I took her to task. I texted back - "this is Andreas, and hey, could you inform .... as well, that it is cancelled, please? We have too many cancellations and I don't have her H/P number, left it in the office." (I spell out all the words here). Back comes an "OK".

What is the funny part is that we texted to each other before - and she also asked me a that time, who I was. Now okay, may be I am not THAT important to become an individual on someone's SIM card. But thinking that she is an insurance agent, she should see me as potential target (ooomph - an expression I hate - it is like shoot your customer). But she knows that my wife is also in insurance, so this could be the reason I am not "worthwhile the space on her SIM card.

May be it is not worthwhile writing about it and I might not do it when wife and kid would be here and it would be more lifely in my place (She is at my mum in law's place, and the only time that it is quiet there is when no one is around. It must be the noisiest place in Malaysia).

So yeah - I cannot make sense. But, heck, do I always need to make sense of what is going on?


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