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Saturday, October 16, 2004

My last conference - Business Intelligence in Asia

I now attended to this conference about Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management in Asia. I get those invitations every now and than and as mentioned in an earlier blog, I love to speak. It is nice to be in front of the audience. Especially if the crowd is not that big. This time, there were about 50 or so participants. A great number, since it allows interactivity (hey, am I back to this point now, again?). The audience was a mixture of tech people, and marketing or analyst people, with some sprinkled in between that had a financial background.

My topic was "Crafting an effective effective customer segmentation strategy or.... New ways to reach your customer". May favourite topic - the danger was that I would bore the tech people since I was not going to talk their language.

Well, it was fun, all in all. I had enough stories to tell, about Malaysia and about the rest of the world. The audience asked a lot of questions and contributed to the story - something that I appreciate, although it can be difficult if there is one that wants to be difficult or one, that simply asks so many questions that I run out of ideas.

The interesting piece, so, came after the conference, yesterday in my office. One of the participants that I also talked to, created an online forum in Yahoo, and invited those that participated in the conference to join. This is great. There is always the danger that the learning of a conference fades away the moment you come back to the office. If it is a workshop that coaches new skills, they might fade away in face of all the old staff that is cluttered in your office. So here we have a support group. Fantastic, if we keep it up. Since it helps to reinforce what was learnt. Is this the new way of doing things? I simply love it - since it shows continuous interactivity and the willingness to take things forward.


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