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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Commercials during the elections

I heard this morning in CNN that there were 12,000 commercials on TV in the last week of campaigning in, I think, Florida.

Voters welcome the end to the longest, most expensive election on record. One voter called Amanda Karel (25) is quoted as saying: "It's the only way to make the ads stop."

I absolutely, totally agree - wow, how many toilet breaks can you take to run away from TV? Or, turn the question around? How many voters got p...... off by all those interruptions? May be it is good, real good, that Malaysia doesn't have this kind of election carousel. While the number of ads on TV appears to increase, well, we are not yet there. Not yet!!

Who actually likes advertisements on TV? The last that I saw that was somewhat memorable was the one by DHL - their truck got stuck in a traffic jam and they raced cross-country (promoting environmental destruction?). Another, apparently local courier service followed thinking, that DHL knows the way best and they ended up on an airport pit of DHL. Something like that. Nicely made, entertaining. But this is really the only one that I can remember. Which one is the best for you??


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