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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Fitness First Gym Center - A follow up story

I have to follow up on my recent experience with my gym center. As mentioned, several of my colleagues joined in their recent promotion, and because our firm supports the membership financially as a means for a healthy lifestyle. Since the newly joined enjoy a slightly lower monthly membership fee than I do, I thought I would like to try to change mine as well. Not because I want to save money, (although there wasn't a lot to be saved, but however, why not gaining from small savings?) I actually wanted to test the gym center’s real customer orientation and flexibility. The story goes as follows. Since I wanted to change the credit card from where they deduct my monthly charges, I thought I would start with this. Then the customer service officer appeared with whom I had have the earlier conversation and who "failed" to send me the material. She was very friendly, actually, was it earlier as well. And she asked me why none of my friends would have signed up. I replied, they did, to which she responded, but not with her - of course she was ''hurt", since her commission was at stake. She looked a bit, a tiny little bit offended, when I mentioned, that 4 or 5 signed up already, and that I passed her telephone number on, but that she could have send me the promotional list, as promised. She replied that she did send it, but it bounced back and that she didn’t want to resend a mail that had an undeliverable in the address bar (????), something that I don’t really understand. Nevermind, I asked her, why she didn’t call – well, she said she wasn’t sure if she could – why not? Makes me wonder, but if she didn’t call, because she was polite and didn’t want to impose, that is okay – these were my thoughts. So I said, well, I was in the gym center since the last conversation and even waved at her and smiled – why didn’t she react to this. Her reply was that she was too busy. I honestly believe that she might be a nice girl, but would she actually deserve the commission? Next test was to ask if I could change my package. I could, but first I also had to “reject” the idea that I would have to pay an administration fee of RM 45. I said that this would kill all the advantage that I got due to the change. She quickly checked with her boss, and since her boss knew me it was ok. But – the boss is also one of the persons that I could write about. In the beginning of my membership term, we had great conversations, which fall silent after a while! Hm – comments, as usual to


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