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Sunday, August 03, 2003

My Hairdresser

Hairdressers & dentists are the two jobs that I have most problems with. I take great care to find good shops with great people for both those needs. For the dentist, I look for someone who doesn’t hurt me too much. My concern with hairdressers is that I would have to walk around with a style not necessarily to my liking if they mess up. And it is also important for me that they do know my preference as well.

I like my hairdresser in Taman Desa, called “Talking Heads”. Ran by a couple of elderly Chinese women. They hardly speak English. I am always served by the one who is most able in it and I always remember the first time I went in there. Actually had a bad feeling but have to say that in all the three years I went to have my hair done with them, they never disappointed me. She always recognizes me, ask me how I am doing and so on. The shop itself had green, run-down looking walls. The chairs were also not the newest ones. I write in the past tense, since everything changed in June, as I was told. They renovated. Now the shop is ultra modern. White walls. Big picture with great looking models advertising fantastic hairstyles. New leather chairs. However, same old hairdresser, same old customers. My question is: Great design is needed in the brave new world of tomorrow, to attract more clients & customers. But what will happen if your employees don’t exhibit a new mindset to delight their customers and clients? They might, temporarily, attract more &-new clients & customers. For a while, their old ones might come. But, will they have enough perserverance to succeed? Only time will tell. What's your opinion? Send me a comment to


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