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Saturday, October 11, 2003

Tom Peters

I love Tom Peters and his messages. He is the one who awoke me, his advises assisted me in developing my approach to work, to my projects and how I handle people.

I have lots of his books, frequent his webpage and read the newest news. Naturally, I was delighted when I heard that he would publish a new book to be in the stores by October 15, 2003. Than I read that the release of the UK edition would be only sometimes in November, and that worried me. Since the release in the UK is already planned only for November, how would that be for Malaysia somewhere down in Asia?? Inquisitively, I thought I check – and send them an e-mail, since, hey, they should know!!

Here is my mail:

"Dear Sir/ Madam,

I look forward to the new book "Re-Imagine". The
publication date has been announced for October 15, but
I was wondering, if this is also valid for Malaysia,
the country I am residing in?

Looking forward to your early response!

Best regards,

My Name"

Guess what? They actually didn’t know. A co-worker of the publisher, someone in charge, didn’t know the release date of his “boss” (so to speak) in Malaysia.

Here is his reply:

"Dear Andreas,

Tough to know when the book will be available in Malaysia. However, if you
are willing to pay the shipping, you can always get the book via our own web
site or through


His Name"


Subsequently, I booked the book in a local bookstore, and they told me they would expect it sometimes around the end of October, what than turned out to be the next day – as the guy in charge there called my on my handphone. But, take it slowly – tompeters company did not know. They guy in charge on their side actually advised me to order the book via their webpage or from fine, could have done, was close to do so. Lucky I didn’t and checked with the local bookstore. Also, nothing wrong with the book itself. Great as usual, and really recommendable. But not knowing that little fact? How bad can it get? Tom Peters preaches about revolution in information technology, connectivity, and more. He preaches about branding, and advises to take a different look at things and turn them upside down If you are slow, you fail. And his people don’t know when the book will be published in Malaysia? Sure, there are uncertainties, but hey, they don’t know it not even indicatively???? At least try to find it out, get back to the customer, inform the customer DELIGHT the customer!!!! And I am a customer, am I not? Right? Right!!! How do I feel now carrying on with the message to embrace a revolution, delight customers, make their days a WoW experience, whne they fail pathetically to respond to a normal inquiry? Someone help me please! Wonder if I get a response? I will send my link to them, and also indicate that the response wasn't that great.

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