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Thursday, August 14, 2003

A great experience

I was at the playground with my little kid on Sunday. While he was busily smashing stones and tried to discover and unearth dinosaur bones, I watched a soccer game. There was something in the game that I liked. In Malaysia there are three main ethnic groups - Malays, Indians and Chinese. Very often, you see them mingling in their own group, with their own peer, despite honourable efforts of the government to form a Malaysian nation.
Actually, the different groups were the reason I fall in love with this country. When I came back here in 1993, I happened to get into a group of friends that were what they are - a great bunch of people that didn't look to which ethnic group they belong. There were Malays, Chinese, Indians, Germans, Americans, and Australians.
And in this soccer game, there played Malays, Indians and Chinese. No problem with the group. And, even better, there were many different age groups. From young kids, around 6 years old, to around 30 years of age. What else can you expect? Well, may be some women also running after the ball, to balance the gender. But I liked it - Malaysia boleh. I still have hope!!
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