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Sunday, August 24, 2003

IPaq problems and HP's orientation

Sorry, I have another one to talk about!

My wife and I each have an IPaq PDA, now by HP after the merger with Compaq. She has the 1910 model and I have the 2210 model. To get the data into ones computer, one has to undergo a process that is called hotsyncing, via software named Active Sync. It is only possible to hotsync your data to the computer, when your PDA has established a partnership with your computer – what means computer and PDA communicate with each other. A last couple of weeks ago, when I bought my PDA, I tried to establish this partnership. Normally, it was possible for a computer to have more than one partnership with the PDAs. Somehow, this time I failed. It was not possible to get the computer to recognise my PDA. When I installed my ActiveSync, it didn’t recognise my wife’s PDA. Quite frustrating. I went to my retailer, and they really tried to help me several times, but gave up last Saturday. But only after they checked user forums and similar. They are great in service, but this is a different story. However, last week already, the store manager gave me HP’s helpdesk number, which I called this Friday. Numerous number descriptions – if you have a … than dial 1 – followed by another if you have a … than dial … Quite disturbing, but this is the effect of cost savings. At least, someone picked up in the end of the process. Her name was Annie and it was quite clear that I reached an outsourcing center in India. She must have been new as well, because she really had no clue what I was talking about, and constantly put me on hold. Or discussed something with someone, related to the issue. But one could also realise that she was trained to apologise for the hold etc. Still, in the end, she asked me for my name and return number, and promised to find out about the case, but, well, I would still sit and wait. The call never came.
After a while I called again, and I think, I ended up in India again. Had real problems understanding the guy on the phone – which resulted in me asking – what, can you repeat? But at least the guy had some idea what he was talking about, it appeared, but he told me to go the HP’s webpage to download related drivers for my PDA. Than he also asked for assistance and put me on hold. When he came back, he told me that Microsoft had changed the ActiveSync program which now wouldn’t support more than one partnership per computer. Basically saying that I would have to work with a guest partnership, which is also possible and which doesn’t allow to sync the names and addresses. I was a bit disappointed. Later I went back to my retailer, and he couldn’t really believe it – so than off we went and he checked it on webpages – without success. He promised me to check further and call me if he would find a solution. He also advised me to reinstall the program, and to reinstall Microsoft Outlook – without which it sometimes is tough to hotsync. He didn’t call back as well, but I know that normally, and onsite, they provide great service. What frustrates me is that at home, I painstakingly went through the process of uninstalling and installing the different programs – I found out that my PDAs have more than one partnership already, and it is not possible to have more than two. So I had to delete some partnerships. This brought me one step further already. Next I found out a very simple truth. Namely, that my wife’s PDA’s ActiveSync version 3.5 (which I was aware of) and my PDA’s ActiveSync 3.7 are totally different. My PDA doesn’t recognise ActiveSync 3.5 and her’s doesn’t recognise ActiveSync 3.7. I have my opinion about non-compatibility of software and I am always quite upset about it, but this is really, really bad. I would now have to uninstall either one software ones in a months and safeguard the respective files, in order to have both PDA’s secured. I don’t want to only hotsync one of the PDA’s and risk loosing the data in the other. Additionally, I am pretty upset about the way, HP’s personnel handled my call. I know that more than one partnership with computers is still possible. My retailer has shown me. And it seems like a simple way to get rid of a customer. Additionally, that Annie or however her name is, hasn’t called me back. An absolutely turndown.

I am sending this story to HP, and wonder, if I receive a reaction from them!

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I will be in holiday till mid-September, so for those of you who read my stuff, please have patience with me – I will be back. Ay be with some stories from Germany, but surely with stories about my great retailer.


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