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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Better than GoDaddy

Contrast the following experience with the experience that I had with GoDaddy that I just described with the one that I had have with Handango ( Handango is another ecommerce company but it sells software for PDAs. I purchased a product from them last year, but since I upgraded my PDA, I lost this particular program – additionally, I couldn’t find it in my hotmail account. The problem was that, while the company offered another download in their webpage, one, naturally, has to log in via with password and e-mail address. I forgot my password, and as such, had to contact the company’s service desk, in the hope that they would respond and assist.

Here is my writing to them:
Dear Sir/ Madam,
Sometimes last year, I purchased the program called Lemonade from you, however, I have lost the e-mail with my registration code, reference code etc.
I won't be of much help by providing you my User ID number, because I also lost it. Can you help?
Looking forward to your early reply!
Best regards,
*** Yours truly

Shortly afterwards, I got my account information and could log in to download my program again.
Great – however, I received another mail today, which wouldn’t have helped too much, as it assumed that I have registration code or my earlier e-mail, but well, it also offered me further help. So much better than GoDaddy.
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