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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

It is enough!!!

There are two news in the news today that make me really sad. One reports about the Japanese Embassy in Malaysia received threatening note demanding Japan withdraw its Self-Defense Forces troops from Iraq or "face the consequences." (

In addition, on Wednesday, more than 90 people were killed around dawn on Wednesday when gangs of machete-wielding Muslim youths attacked police and soldiers in a sharp escalation of violence in Thailand's south. (

The violence in Thailand has been ongoing since January this year, when violence flared up for the first time since ages, but this is a clear escalation. Thailand is a beautiful place, but the South is poor and depends a lot on day tourism from Malaysia and this has slowed down dramatically already, after a recent bombing of a restaurant, impoverishing people further.

When will the silent majority in these areas stand up and say that this is enough of violence? I believe there are billions and billions of Muslims that object and reject terror – it is not in the Islamic teaching to kill.

It is not okay to blame issues in the Middle East for playing a role in this increase of violence elsewhere and say that if the issues in the Middle East are solved, this violence will stop.

While there is a relation, this argument is also providing the breeding ground for further violence and hate by terrorists – which kill innocent people, destroy economies and small and large businesses – as it provides them with a justification. Combining these issues too closely is like blowing into the fire and feeding the hate. But staying silent also allows terrorists to continue and feel that they are on the right track.

Change needs to start with yourself, with your surrounding. People need to stand up and say they don’t want to be silent anymore, need to ask for change, need to show terrorists that there is no support. Don’t leave it to the West to stand up and protest all the time, as they did against the Iraq war, or after the bombing of the trains in Spain. I know I sound bias here, but I am saddened and frustrated. And I don’t want my child to grow up in an environment of terror, hate and increasing violence.


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