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Monday, May 31, 2004

Don't give up your dreams

I had lunch with friends today, and one was basically saying that when she dies, she doesn't want to have any dreams left unfulfilled. She said that there are two many people in the world, whose dreams are unfulfilled and that she hopes that this wouldn't happen to her.

I fully put my signature under this statement - live your dreams, be the CEO of your life!!

How did we get to this in the first place? Well, we were observing a business lunch - about 10 people were sitting close to us. And she saw that there was hardly any smile passing - I mean, okay, you don't always have to smile but in a meeting over about 2 hours, something must occur that makes you smile. This gave me to think - it is true - we all start out, want to explore the world, become great captains of the universe, spiderman, or superman, fight the bad and rescue the good. These are our dreams, when we are young children. We live in an endless dream. Only the "horror of the real life" brings us back to realism - schools, education, university, parents and authorities who tell us that it is important to get a job, and stop dreaming. We create the employee mentality (remember the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad?). Sometimes along that road, our rough edges become smoother, we know our way around. No more rebellion, the first job, the first salary, the first purchase with ones own money. And suddenly, ten years, 15 years later, you are entrenched in the daily fights of the traffic jams, work your 8-10 hours, and forgotten are all your dreams of rescuing the world. That is were the smiles and laughters have gone to. Keep some of your dreams. Dream big. Reach out. Develop. But don't only dream - build towards your dreams, otherwise, your dreams will be just like that - dreams.


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