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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Showing affection in Malaysia

Remember those feelings of love? With the longing for the other "half", the tickling in the stomach, the aching of waiting? The flood of happiness in your heart, the warmth that is all over you? And yeah, the loving look into each others eyes, the holding of hands, the occasional hugs and kisses.

STOP - no more no more no more - cannot do, keep the distance. Just walk side by side. In Malaysia, this is the current discussion. A couple of couples have been suit by the "moral police" for holding hands in public as this is called indecent behaviour. The argument goes that this is against the cultural norm in Malaysia, especially in front of others. There are even letters to the newspapers supporting this. What do I believe? I believe that those who catch and those who complain probably never felt love in their heart. Poor people. And I hope that those being charged will never, never give in!


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