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Thursday, June 10, 2004

E-mail accounts with a lot of space

Gmail of Google gives away some more e-mail accounts. But, just to calm down those who drool over the accounts and even go so far as to purchase an account on Ebay or so, be aware that there are other providers that offer similar or even more space - for free as well. One is - it offers 1 GB plus other features - and the other one - with 2.5 GB. So we are in the e-mail wars, and soon, there will be more features coming up to attract users. Greatest advantage of GMail? Its speed, and its search ability. This is a fantastic thing to have. And can you imagine? I offered an account to friends - and they didn't even take up the offer, or better, didn't get back to me!! So far they use Hotmail. So much for ignorance, or is it bliss?

And hey - I am not paid by any of these providers. It is just that I lok around and read, and find and share!


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