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Monday, June 07, 2004

Farewell to a friend

Last week, a close colleague of mine left the company. Now, this doesn't seem like much nowadays, since the economy improves and a lot of employees find a new job pretty quickly. However this is a bit different. We grew in the company together - I am four years with the company, and he came shortly thereafter. We were one of the few starters in the company, now, the number of employees in the company has increased nearly 5 times - (sounds a lot, but we are standing at about 35 only).

He is a guy, who gave everything for his friends and clients. He worked hard, and dedicated, full of spirit and energy, always with a lot of joy. It was fun to have him around and listen to his stories over lunch, diner, or various coffee chats.

He left, because he felt that he was stressed out. Living in the world of my company means total engagement and delving into job tasks that stretch you very much. Don't be mistaken, work and private life is suppose to be balanced but in a fast growth company, and not enough good staff, people are simply overworked. And he simply couldn't take it anymore, which is okay. He started to see other things in life as more important to his development - which is still defined of helping others - but outside the current environment. Still with the intention to help, he earlier actually wanted to be a counsellor to troubled youth. There are more ideas on his side on how to move forward. A visit to Nepal is on the cards. To spend more time with his family and friends. Basically, to find himself and a new or different balance. To start a new chapter.

Whatsoever, there were tears over the farewell and it is good that people, especially guys, can get emotional. It is sad to see a friend leaving the place next to my cubicle, but it is good to know that he will be growing different branches and may be, hopefully, will become even stronger.

All the best to a great friend!


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