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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Taxis in Kuala Lumpur

I always dread the time, I am dependent on taxis in Kuala Lumpur. You never know who is driving you, how they are driving and how they communicate. Some just drown you in questions what is still fine, but not, when I am tired. Others just drive in a style that makes me feel like I could throw up any minute – the space to the car in front is just 2 meters, but the driver accelerates as if he is in F1 Sepang, and slams on the break, that I always heavily nod.
One of the worse pieces surrounding taxis is the booking process, especially when you book them for the morning – at a time, when everybody needs to be on time. The word booking actually connotes that someone should come. But even then, and during the call, they tell you that there is no taxi. Or the operator tells you that they will confirm your booking 15 minutes before the official pickup – most of the time, to tell you – “sorry, ya, no taxi available”.
So now I am sitting here at my computer. I know I have to go down on the road, to find a cab – it is 5.30 in the evening, and if I would know that I find one immediately, I could work another 30 minutes or so. But I know that half the taxis are driving by, don’t want to take me, try to overcharge me, take roads, I don’t like, complain, when I have my own will and so on. Gosh – what a great experience, isn’t it?


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