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Thursday, September 23, 2004

Renovating or what?

Hey - I never was good at renovating, building, drawing, anything creative where one uses hands. I am a so-called knowledge worker.

I took a day of from work to renovate our new apartment. What - not even renovate, most of it is done. Just to drill holes for the curtain railings (don't even know how to write this), and fix those. To build in the shower curtain thingy. And to put up some mirrors. All with a drill - a real high tech one. My wife bought it and interestingly, she is really good at renovating or organising - she is able to command a whole battalion of contractors around, if need is - she did already and did this very well. But well, a guy is a guy, and so I fought with the drill, attached some railings, failed to get in holes in the bathroom - as the wall was just so very much stronger that I was.

We called for help from management - and luckily, they send us two young Malay guys for help. Real experienced ones - one look at our drill machine and they told us, that this is one which also has a hammer function. Basically, you can either drill by pressing and pressing and hope the wall gives in and grants you that hole that you so desire - my style. Or, you set the drill on this "hammer function" (I don't even know the right word for it!!) and woooms - go for it, and sorry wall, - no agreement needed, I just get it done without it.

I than managed to get my holes done, the ones I failed earlier. Ha - !! Success. Only that those Malay guys were so incredibly fast in doing a lot of other things. It was like Sesame Open. While I look at drills, compare drills, think about which one to take, try one and realise, that I took the one for wood instead of concrete, change the drill to the next possible one, try again and may be succeed, they just did it.

And my fingers hurt now - can not even type correctly. I am tired and I realised that my life is with Microsoft, and computers, and books and writing. This is called specialisation or stick to your core.


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