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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Studying forbidden

I saw this picture at the outside window of Singapore's Changi Airport yesterday. It is a sign showing all the activities that are forbidden in the airport.

The upper right picture says "No Studying". No studying? Hey - I am working on my computer - is this studying? Can I only play Solitaire?

Or what if I am reading the newspaper or a magazine - Cannot, lah? Forbidden in here, go out?

I understand the intention - they want to avoid crowds of students coming in and study in, may be a restaurant - but why not? Is a group of busily studying students destroying a perception of Singapore - like, "hey, sorry, our students study, where they are not suppose to study?"

Excuse me? Isn't it better to study at an airport than to be a tout? Or to just hang out? (which is probably punished anyway). I just don't understand rules sometimes!


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