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Sunday, September 26, 2004

On leave

I took Thursday and Friday off, hoping that I could do a lot of things offline and online that I postponed for a longer time. It didn't happen in the sense that I planned it.

I still had to work - had to prepare for yet another conference and the paper for this conference has to be submitted next week. I was a bit complacent here - I knew I had all the material that I needed on my computer, and thought, it would just take me some hours to complete the presentation. Well, it took me 2 1/2 days. That's okay, since I like to work at home. I can drag my laptop wherever I want to work and a change of location is sometimes needed to boost my brain capacity - you should ask my colleagues how often I walk around in the office - it helps me to get new ideas. Lucky, I don't need to stand on my head to get inspiration and make funny sounds. And while I worked at home, I could chat with my blogger friend from Also good since at work, my Yahoo messenger doesn't work. So well, yeah, there were a lot of delays - in between, I had an afternoon nap.

I also drove my kid to school - alone. I always drive him to school, but normally, when I go to work, my wife is with us in the car and she takes over the car, once she drops me of at my workplace. So this time, we were alone in the car. We studied multiplication together. Times Two and Times Three. He really got it. We had great fun doing it together, and he now understands it - it is amazing how fast learning goes when fun is involved. I know I am losing my patience way too often - and than, I am upset, if he just doesn't get it. Like - he figures out that 3 times 3 is 9. Now, next, he struggles to get to 4 times 3 - but gets it after a while as well. Now, since the first - 3 times 3 - was tough, I ask it again - repetition. Wooms - he forgot and starts to think all over again. Now, it is okay, if this goes on like that for one or two times, but if this continues into the fourth or fifth time, I get impatient. Okay - I always tell him, he should just try and that Edison needed a lot of times to get the lightbulb burning as well. But gggrrrr. Now he has it until ten times three and when I ask him, he says - oh so easy - and says the correct answer. Basically, the brain cells are connected. And my wife had some more sleep in the morning - she has the chance to sleep in when I am on leave - basically, it burns down to this. Well, she said it was only 15 minutes more, but than, I already slept 15 minutes longer. So, coming to think of it, my leave helps her to sleep longer. No comment!

I went to the office on Friday evening, to copy some stuff from the server onto my own hard drive - I am of to Singapore on Monday for a meeting, and well, didn't know about the trip on Thursday. So here went another hour.

Yesterdy, my wife and I went to a seminar - and she is there today again. I have to take care of my kid's birthday party, but this is another entry!

I still managed something on Friday what was important, but may be, again, I will post about it another time.

Is there any message in this entry? Nope - only that I am still tired, but nevertheless had a good time. And that's what leave is all about. Not just sleeping and lazying. So plans are good, but it is also okay to let the wind carry you, where it wants to.


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