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Monday, October 04, 2004

Before applying, check out the blogs

CNet has a great article today - how do you send out a resume? Well, most of the resumes that I see in my job are boring. Don't stand out. Don't measure up. Don't look anything enticing. And that is important.

Imagine you advertise a position and there are hundreds of resumes that are submitted. Imagine, how boring it is to read the same stuff over and over again. No differentiation. It is just like being in the supermarket and you see the shelves filled up with breakfast cereals. They all look the same. No fun.

Differentiation is everything - stand out from the crowd. Who has ever thought of sending the link of a blog instead of a resume? It is all in there, what? Your thinking, your attitudes, your writing style, even your profile - okay, you might want to change a thing or two in the profile, but basically that is you. No need to make up for a lot more.

There was once a recruitment ad from Yahoo that specifically asked you to send the link to your webpage. - now that surely is a differenting factor!! I would happily go to the link and check it out.

Well, that is it in the US or may be Europe - would it work in Asia (besides with those like me)? Do "corporate captains" in Asia actually know the expression "blog"? Or "blogger"?

Just imagine you write - for more information about me, check out my blog .... - Hm - makes me wonder.

But: Turn the argument around - how many blogs would stand up for public scrutiny as well? Would you send your link along?


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