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Monday, October 04, 2004

Coffee and cola are addictive

Adoh here goes my health. I stopped smoking 10 years ago - down from 1 1/2 packages a day to zero. And never looked back - well, once or twice, and decided, internally, that I will start smoking again when I am 65 years old. Stopping to smoke was like learning to live again. There were so many things that I had to do a first time without a cigarette. Getting up in the morning, partying, meeting friends and discuss, the cigarette after lunch, diner, before sleeping and so on. And the cigarette after coffee.

I also stopped to drink cola - well, every now and than, I do have a coke, but most of the time, I try to skip carbonated drinks. But I love coffee, and drink way too much of it.

Not much coffee in a cup, but the amount of cups is high - may be about eight. One in the morning to get up, one at about 10 AM, at 11.30 PM, at 2.00 PM, 4 PM and 6 PM (sometimes, I skip the 4 PM one with a Teh Tarik).

I mix it with sugar, milk powder and Milo - okay, my spoon can stand in it, that i how thick the brew s. The joke of the office. But the Milo eliminates the bitter taste of the coffee.

My wife tries to persuade me to reduce the intake or stop it totally. Says, it is unhealthy, while I tried to find arguments that coffee is healthy. It is always a pro and con, isn't it? Now they are saying that coffee is addictive. Adoh - I don't want to stop that habit. Doesn't hurt anybody, does it? Only that I need to wash my cup heavily, since all that stuff in the cup is too much for the water to dilude.

But it is sad that all the good and fun stuff in life is just not good for your health. Well, I just need to wait a while until a new study is published saying tht coffee is healthy. It will be one sponsored by the coffee industry but do I care? As long as I can avoid that my wife finds this current study somewhere online!


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