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Friday, October 01, 2004

Branding Malaysia

A group has been established to promote the branding of Malaysia. They are correctly saying that branding is not about having logos like the Petronas Twin Tower (didn't know that this is a logo - I thought it is a tower) - but that branding is about projecting positive attitudes and behaviour.

Well, branding is also about negative behaviour etc - this is called negative branding. But I am fine with the effort.

They are saying, in the article, that the group was formed from representatives of corporations, some professionals and academics.

Sounds bad to me. What I am worried about is that only men are engaged in this. May be even older men - and well established ones.

What I hope for:

- There are a lot of women involved in the group as women are the future

- There are a lot of youngsters involved, those that have different opinions and those that are mainstream

- There are a lot of different groups involved, from Taxi drivers to squatters to foreigners to, yeah, professionals as well

- There are different ethnic groups involved

- There are different religions involved

- There are people from different states involved

I think I could continue - who else could be added?

Make the group a WoW, not just some people sitting around a table and develop a paper. Uuha - how boring could THAT be. A paper with 10 or 20 or 30 recommendations at the end. This wouldn't change anything. People that only talk amongst themselves? As a solution to branding?

Anyway - we need diversity more than anything in this group. Diversity rocks and beats conformity by length. Be different, be challenging, and have fun. Only than will solutions found that tick in peoples mind and change something. Communicate, communicate, communicate - to us the Rakyat. To those involved. Ayoh - could go on endlessly but this is too important to be left alone to a bunch "representatives from professional bodies"


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