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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Is this a buzz? Carwash in Thailand

The Nation (Thailand) writes:

"As Singapore’s Performance Motors (Thailand) tries to gain a bigger foothold in Thailand’s BMW market, it is starting a new free car-wash campaign. Starting this week, anybody who drives a BMW, no matter which of Bangkok’s five dealers they bought their luxury car from, can get their car washed for free on Sundays. The company hopes the campaign will build better relationships with existing and potential customers and bring it more business in the future. It is the first of many events the company is planning to attract would-be BMW buyers in Bangkok’s competitive car market."

It is certain to attract attention. A person working for the company is saying that they borrowed the free car wash idea from a Southern California Mercedes Benz dealer. He said the company sold 600 new cars a month thanks to the campaign.

So yeah, why not - it is different, it is attractive, it doesn't exclude those who bought their car elsewhere, what is important, and it is something worth talking about. What do you think?


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