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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Santa Claus is coming to town

It is interesting how this evolves - might kid, who is now seven years old, still believes in Santa Claus. I am not sure when to break the news that this is just an old story, deriving from Germany (Santa Claus existed - a long long time back, as a guy who always brought presents to kids - that is one version of how the story evolved in reality) but that there is no Santa Claus that comes riding on a sled. That it is his Papa who is bringing the presents.

One time, a couple of years back, my kid actually went to one Santa Claus in Megamall and thanked him for the presents. What we do is that we ask him into another room and than quickly put the presents into the room, followed by some noise. Than, running out of the room comes my kid in the hope to finally see Santa Claus, of course to no avail.

This year, my kid scribbled his wishlist on a piece of paper - it is a long list, full of things about The Incredibles, Superman and Spiderman. One day I could let the list disappear and say that Santa Claus picked it up. But is this good? Well, as there is nothing better that the joy in the eyes of a kid, i think I am going to enjoy it another year.

Any blogger who is playing Santa Claus?


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