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Monday, November 29, 2004

Back to work, finally

This was a nice, nice break, actually.

First, there was my longer Hari Raya break that lasted about 1.5 weeks. Than, two days of work, followed by three days of travelling on a cruise with my company. Okay, the latter was a lot of work, and meetings and discussions and all that, but still, it was away from the office.

As I mentioned earlier, I got a bit sick when I came back, but really, it was more exhaustion than sickness. I mean, we had a Karaoke session on the ship until past 3.00 AM in the morning with a lot of beers and even more songs. And when I start to sing, no one can stop me. Hehe. With only 4 hours of sleep and another round of meetings on Friday morning followed by a long trip home via Johor - naturally, any body is tired and so was mine. Subsequently, I fall asleep early on Saturday evening at my sister-in-laws place. I think it was about 8.00 PM. Didn't have diner, and only woke up to drive back to our condominium. Brought my kid to bed - which was tough, because he was awake and I am still tired, but I managed with being a bit pushy - watched Jay Leno - and went back to bed to have another long round of sleep.

Today is thus my first day back at work and hey- have I been famous. So many e-mails to respond to, so many things to write. I am not quite sure yet, if I am in the mood to push hard and work hard, well, I did already. Need to clean up that inbox. What I cannot stand is the mess on my table. I am sitting in a cubicle, all of us do, and there is not enough space to accommodate so much paper on the table and all the reports and so. So one of these days, have to clean up, seriously, to get my table clean for about one week, before it starts piling up again. This is called the circle of life, isn't it?


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