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Friday, November 26, 2004

We will always have problems

That is great, isn't it? How will you as a company attract customers, if someone tells them even before they get in contact with you, that you as a company have problems?

Either I am incredible tired and misunderstand the whole story or Prime Minister John Howard did just that - he told the public that Telstra, the leading telecommunications company in Australia which is slated for privatisation:

"I don't think you will ever eliminate all problems with service delivery by Telstra whether it is owned 50 per cent by the government or owned 100 per cent by the public. No company will be 100 per cent perfect."

Agree - no company will be 100% perfect. Markets move and change is constant - when you are trying to make yourself perfect, you are probably out of the market and innovated away by faster and more agile competitors - failure is also a constant.

But hey - what message do you give your customers already? "Sorry, okay - we know we are bad, but please, give us your business anyway?"

May be I don't understand but as far as I understand business, this is not the way a winner is winning.


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