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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Crossing over to Malaysia and now I am sick

I came back from Singapore yesterday - we had to take a coach from Copithorn Hotel in Singapore to cross through the border to Malaysia and take to flight from Johor Airport. This was decided by my company due to financial considerations.

The problem is that I have two passports - well, only one, of course. But the old one contains my work permit for Malaysia, and the new one contains a remark that there is a work permit in the other passport. Normally, I never have problems when I travel from and to KLIA, but I am always expecting trouble when I am entering Malaysia from Johor, or Perlis.

Now, it happened. The officer at immigration called his supervisor, and she gave me a two weeks visa. I discussed with her but she was pretty stern! Now I need to transfer my work permit from the old to the new passport. I am not sure if I like to go to immigration - the overall perception in Malaysia about the department is not high enough. I hope I don't have problems or long delays. It is such a waste of time, to sit in a department and wait. I rather work - hey - that is what I am paid for.

I felt yesterday already that I would get sick - just have the feeling in my bones. My body aches and I am just not in a good mood. Normally a sign that I get sick and what I normally do is to go to bed very early with Vitamin C in my blood and some Panadol. It also happens when I am totally overworked and my body screams for a rest that I was not willing to give earlier. But this time, it really is a flu - a lot of my friends and colleagues are coming down with it and I know that it is a nasty bug.

What I am angry is that I cannot go and finally meet my blogger "buddy" Jordan, who has got an open house today.

More stories about Singapore to follow.


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