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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Bankrupting my kid

I am not sure if this is a nice headline, but well, over the last couple of days, I played a lot of games with my kid.

Some card games, even Black Jack - without money involved, of course. But it helps him to learn to add up numbers - and this quickly, so this has some value, of course.

I also taught him another card game, which is similar to UNO, but with the "normal" cards. Everybody gets about 7 cards from the pile. If you place a "7", the next player has to take two cards. If he or she puts another "7", he wouldn't have to take two cards, but the next player would have to take two and so on.

If you put an "eight", the next player skips a round. With a "9", the sequence is reversed. Put a "J" and you can wish the next card calour and hope that the color is still there if it is your enxt turn. If you have one card left you ahve to shout "Mau", and if you forget it, you ahve to take a card as penalty (when one other player sees it). If you finish all the cards, you are Mau Mau. Sorry - it is a German card game.

Than, we played "The Game of Life". My kid won quite frequently. He bought "Monopoly" with his Raya money and well, it helps him to understand money and to calculate. Robert Kiyosaki is calling. We want to teach him another lesson.

I wonder if my parents were thinking the same when I was a kid. That they were trying to teach me something everytime we played. Or is it just that we do this today, since the general societal pressure is also coming onto us? Not sure, and also not sure, if this is always nice. Why not playing something for the sake of playing and don't have a "hidden" agenda behind it?

I bankrupt my kid on Sunday. Well, I helped him and his niece quite a lot, but than, he got into debt, came out again and than took one of the cards where he has to go back three steps. Before that, he avoided my streets, but now, with this card, he was thrown back - onto my hotel. The results? He cried - I don't want to be bankrupt - but I have no money anymore.

Parents - hm? Don't know. I hope he still has fun playing it, and I didn't cause permanent damage to his behaviour - that from now on, he is risk averse.


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