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Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Tom Peters, part II: Greatness shows in a fast and efficient reply

Well, I complained to tompeters company (as I appear to do often :), although it is usually not my trait), and well, they replied fast and efficient. In fact, they did something that please me very much, although I absolutely didn't expect it - Tom Peters is pretty open about his material and posts his presentation on his webpage ( Great to follow and interesting material. For a fee, one can purchase those with speaker notes.

Following my note, I received some of his older, but still actual presentation with speaker notes. And a response that actually indicates a learning - I think.

Here it is:

"Dear MyName,


Attached please find my penance. These are Tom's annotated slides. They include the actual notes he uses in his speeches. We sell them on our online store. I hope you like them.

Regards, (his name)"

It shows that great companies don't keep quiet when they here that someone is not really happy. Even if it is only regarding one person out of may be a few 100,000 or a couple of million or whatever. It is more expensive to entice a customer and takes much longer than to loose one.


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